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About Us

We'll break the ice...

Attwell Production Services are a London-based company founded in 2020, a year of global pandemics, national lockdowns and deadly viruses. With everyone stuck indoors, online video became a huge part of our lives, be it through streaming TV and movies, video calling friends and family or live streaming previously in-person events. It was a wake up call for how transformational and integral video has become to our everyday lives. But video is often expensive and unaffordable for the average Joe. This is where we come in. We believe video production is no longer a luxury, but a necessity that everyone deserves access to.  It belongs to everyone, is consumed by everyone and should be accessible to everyone.

Behind the services, we have personnel with years of experience who have worked with some of the world's biggest clients. They are qualified, professional and are there to set your creative mind free. We have broken down the knowledge barrier so you can enter the world of broadcast video without the degree. 


Steven Attwell

I'm Steven Attwell, a 24-year-old video editor and visual effects designer based in North West London. I have a passion for creating quality media content and have worked for some of the world's biggest sports clients during the six years I have been working in the media industry. I have expertise in camerawork, social media video editing and live streaming solutions.



This could be you!

We're always looking to expand our talented team of video production specialists. If you think you could add a new level of expertise to our team, please get in touch via the contact form, along with a brief  description of your experience creating videos.

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